I do not know where ever, but I know how to protect my family from the cruelty of alienation and hardship to you. I falsify my problem. I ask you to consider that I am a human being. I want to live like other human beings. I own a family of nine people, among them who is disabled with DOWN SENDROMU disease in addition to that he suffers from diseases In the heart and he is still suffering from it without a solution to this disease.

I am the only one in charge of the family because everyone is young and I am at risk of leaving to Syria, the country of death if I do not equal my status by obtaining work permits, and this costs me a lot outside my financial means, in addition to that my children were unable to coexist and adapt to reality.

So I ask you to find a solution for me by traveling to another country to complete with my family the rest of my life like the rest of my life

For your information only, I have proof of this.

with sincere thanks

The beauty of it

Turkey – Izmir